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6 Things to Know - Holiday Shopping

Consumer trends, retailers’ plans and more

Long before Halloween candy goes on sale, retailers are beginning to put out their holiday merchandise and offer deals targeting early shoppers. Is this the new normal? Are shoppers ready? What role does the economy play? Read on for answers to commonly asked questions about the holiday shopping season.

Why are retailers offering holiday deals in October?

Retailers are responding to consumer demand by starting deals and promotions for winter holiday merchandise earlier in the year. That also allows consumers to spread out their budget over a longer period of time and search for the best deal for their holiday purchases.

This year, retailers moved up their peak shipping season to allow for additional time to bring in products for the winter holiday season. According to NRF’s latest consumer survey, 44% of holiday shoppers say it’s better to purchase gifts and other seasonal items now because they believe inflation will continue to impact prices later in the year. Another 31% believe it’s best to purchase items now because the deals won’t get any better.

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